Where Santa lives in the summer



52 thoughts on “Where Santa lives in the summer

      1. Glaube ich dir. Ich lebe in Fairbanks, AK und North Pole ist eine kleine Nachbargemeinde. Die haben ueberall Laternenmasten, die aussehen wie Zuckerstangen. Zum Abgewoehnen.

    1. Klar ist das der Echte! Der heißt Uli Weihnachtsmann, wohnt in Berlin und genehmigt sich jeden Abend ein Gläschen in seiner Eckkneipe. Alles Andere ist nur Ablenkung. 😉

      1. Irgendwie habe ich mir schon immer gedacht, daß diese ganze Der-Weihnachtsmann-wohnt-am-Nordpol-Geschichte nicht wirklich koscher ist. Überall wird man nur noch verar…. ! Schlimm !

  1. I know somebody who also looks like Santa; he hates Xmas-time and if anyone calls him Santa he tell them to ‘go away’ (actually ruder…) 🙂 Good shot

  2. This is a fine capture of a man alone with his thoughts in the dark corner of a quiet cafe. Oh I sometimes wish to find a place like that to gather my thoughts as well. Instead, we have Starbucks!

  3. Great lighting, composition, subject, and timing. 5/5 This is a very picky comment: it seems that ‘Santa’ and the right half of the picture tilt ever so slightly down and to the right while the posters on the left wall are straight. So, if you do post processing (and I don’t know if you do) I would tilt the photo so that the middle is vertical and the tilt is equal in both directions.

  4. I have a friend who is amused when people say things like, “This looks just like a painting,” when looking at a photograph. In your case, I am compelled to say it does look like a painting. One of the old masters at that. Thanks for dropping by my site and thanks for your photographic sense.

    1. Many thanks for your friendly words! I’m glad, you like the picture. But I’m afraid it looks like a painting because there was not enough light…

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