just another children leash…



12 thoughts on “just another children leash…

  1. I know it looks awful but I have a friend who’s adventurous boy is a ‘runner’. He runs everywhere, out of parks, around car parks, out of shopping centres. Until you’ve lived it, try not to judge. I always say to my girlfriend ‘an alive boy is better than dealing with the looks and comments of others’.
    You just never know if the parent your criticising is dealing with autism or whatever. Just sayn.


    1. I don´t want to criticise anyone. And I don´t want to judge about any parents. I just show what I´ve seen (in the UK, in France, Italy, Spain, Germany…).


  2. Vielleicht habe ich meinen Freiheitsdrang an so eine Leine zu danken? 😀
    Hab irgendwo eine ganz nebelige Erinnerung dass ich auch mal angeleint war… (?)


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