Learning Street Photography

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13 thoughts on “Learning Street Photography

  1. Well, the post is a personal view about what he thinks it’s street photography. For me it’s just a label. The world is full of images (in the streets, in the nature, things,…) that capture our attention or feelings. Sometimes we shot to save memories, sometimes to show our feelings, sometimes… Trying to find a hidden message in an image… well, we can find as many messages as we want depending on our mood. So, telling what it’s good or bad is a nonsense, you can say if you like or not.
    By the way, keep going as I enjoy a lot your images.

  2. Of course I’m no expert, but I like what you do and think street photography is just that. You take what you see in the street and let the viewer decide on the story behind it all. Keep at it, you have many who enjoy.

    1. Vielen Dank! Spannend finde ich übrigens, dass es uns an die gleichen Orte zieht. Zum Teil habe ich die genau gleichen Motive wie du aufgenommen. Da ist es besonders interessant zu sehen, welchen Blickwinkel du gewählt hattest. Ich freue mich auf weitere Entdeckungen!

  3. I thought his article was a bit bizarre. I agree with the comment above. Your photos kindle my imagination as to the stories behind them. And sometimes I just enjoy the shapes, textures, or colors. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  4. Of course there is an argument for specialization, or repeating one story. That provides opportunity for others in a commercial environment. What that has to do with personal photography is beyond my comprehension. I hope you keep doing exactly what you are doing. 🙂

  5. First I thought “autsch!”… Then I remembered I don’t like people who speak of rules and stuff… 🙂
    You can stand on the more or less same spot, see more or less the same thing on two different days and depending on your mood you will come home with totally different photos… How do you put that in a rule?… 😉
    Street Photography is for me just a common denominator for anything you can see walking (mostly randomly) through the streets… that’s all it is… I don’t want to limit myself by thinking of rules and how someone thinks it should be…
    So, just keep on doing what feels good and I’ll keep on coming to see what you have done… 🙂

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