11 thoughts on “Losverkäufer • Lottery Seller

  1. Thank you for liking “Shelf Clouds,” “Shadow Show,” and “Glory of the Grass.” Nice photo! 🙂 This is a new sight for me because there are no lottery sellers like this where I live. Lottery tickets here are usually sold at gas stations and stores. There are also machines that allow you to pick numbers for the state lottery drawings.

    I also pity this lottery seller. He looks tired and worried.


  2. like this – his face, constrated with the happy colors of the lottery tickets, and the confident red of the placard behind him – he looks almost dazed. and the weird angle of his right foot is really interesting. 🙂


  3. Wie machst du diese unbemerkten Bilder? Kamera vorm Bauch und dann erstmal irrsinnig aussortieren?


    1. Wir haben uns vor der Aufnahme angesehen, und dem Losverkäufer in der Fußgängerzone von Palma de Mallorca war dann das Fotografieren eines weiteren Touristen ziemlich egal.

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