16. April 1941



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  1. 16 April 1941…does make you think! what is the story with the person in the centre? where was it taken? how did the average german feel about their government’s war? sp interesting.

    1. Unfortunately I don´t know the story behind the picture. I only know that this day was the birtday of my mother.
      And I hope, that (not only) every german is against every war.

  2. Interesting! Looks like Eastern Wiches in Finland (http://wp.me/p1jVlh-1Ml) who are always childen. But this person is a grownup, and the picture is dated some days after Easter (it was 11.-14.4.1941), so this must be something else. Any more information? Do you know where it was taken?

  3. Very compelling picture. So many unanswered questions about it. I’d love to know the story behind it. Was this in celebration of your mother’s birthday, do you know? Or is it incidental to her birth?

    1. Eher für Osterbräuche… Die erwähnten Osterhexen erinnerten mich sehr an einen Brauch in Mecklenburg, von dem mir meine Mutter berichtete.

  4. Very interesting picture from I can tell its not a full mask,and the facial features almost look like a man,the hands are on the heavy side,and who knows what kind of superstition was going on at that time,just an observation
    As always Sheldon

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