02-Frames of Life-Lennart Schreiber

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Dear All,

Lennart Schreiber is a self-taught photographer who focuses on street scenes. I was inspired by his curiosity for a wide variety of subjects, and his striving to effectively convey an atmosphere through each and every picture he takes. His images are loaded with atmosphere and energy.

After gifting a friend a book about street photography, Lennart realized that he had subconsciously tended towards capturing street scenes for years.

Strassenfotografien | Lennart Schreiber | Paar von hinten

What struck me most about Lennart’s work was the variety of subjects he works with.

“I try to photograph my subjects in such a way as to have the picture tell a story or convey and atmosphere particularly effectively.” It’s an approach that we can all take, something he stressed when talking to me.

Strassenfotografien | Lennart Schreiber | WomenSecret

Lennart told me that when he photographs people, he prefers to do it in a natural setting where they are not intentionally posing: “There is so…

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