The Duke of Wellington

Straßenfotografie street photography Glasgow


51 thoughts on “The Duke of Wellington

  1. I love when people add things to the statues over by the river. I am always going by in a car and can’t snap a photo but the last time someone put headphones on the angel and it really was funny.

  2. Someone thought they would be funny when they placed this construction cone on this horseman’s head. lol I am sure this brought a smile to a lot of peoples’ faces. It certainly gave me a good laugh.

  3. This is great. On the way to Sydney from Canberra here in Australia there is a street called ‘hanging rock road’. Every little while somebody hangs a rock to the street sign. It brings a smile to my face when I drive past and there is a rock hanging.

  4. For further information, the cone had for so long sat on the Duke’s head, that if it comes off, I’ve seen police put it back. Its a landmark in Glasgow now. During the Commonwealth Games, the cone he wore… was gold coloured. 😉

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