20 thoughts on “e-mobility

  1. Wägelchen? Wasn’t too far. Have a nice week-end my friend. Pondering about Brexit.
    Sometimes I think that one day Germany will get fed up and exit, and all will crumble…
    Sad days…

      1. Coventry? You don’t say. Midlands. Close to Stratford! The birthplace of the one man who wrote it all for saecula saeculorum, and no-one remembers… 😉 That is one “detail” no-one has thought about: what happens to all europeans established in the UK? London has 250,000 frenchmen. Will all EU citizens have to ask for a visa? Bloody fools! All the best to your daughter.

      2. And Europe. I live in the “third world”. When I see all that has been constructed by Europeans since the war, all that is lacking here, I really don’t understand. And Europe was built so there would not be war again. But Europeans seem to have forgotten. A shame. Again, let’s hope (and maybe work) for the best. Tschüss.

      3. But then, maybe, maybe, a crisis sometimes helps to reconsider what is essential. Like Europe. How would you say “fingers crossed” in German? (Croisons les doigts) 🙂

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