Berlin, baby

We have the pleasure of talking to talented Berlin photographer, Rolf Perkowski, who captures the spirit of his city through stunning imagery. This is his story of today’s Berlin through the looking-glass of his camera.

Words and photography: Rolf Perkowski

I was born in the Eastern part of Berlin and grew up in the West, surrounded by the Wall. During the Cold War, people’s thinking in both parts of the city was narrow and limited. Us young people –  in the East and the West – suffered in this climate.

wall berlin.png

Old men wanted to prescribe to us how to think and live.

make love not war

When the student movement started in the West and spread to the whole city after the fall of the Wall, Berlin developed into an open and welcoming city where everyone could live the way they wanted to.


The cultural diversity here is stimulating.

Every day you can make new discoveries…

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